Never (Not) Broken

Inspired by a 2009 show at the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris dedicated to sacred, shapeless (non-representational) fetishes collected from Africa by Christian missionaries at the turn of the century, these fragmentary forms are largely dictated by chance and automatic sewing of misshapen felt scraps left over from craft projects with my kid. The language of these works deal with impossible objects and the unnameable, fascinating in their refusal to conform through shape, words or cultural construct; they remain stolidly indefinable despite their comforting familiarity. For me, the idea of "leftovers" relates to a kind of playful respiration - a way of breathing new life into unexpected patterns and inexhaustable do-overs. These works explore power and presence through what is LEFT and what is FELT in the seemingly easy mixing of textiles, transposed letters and meaning.