I am an artist living and working in San Francisco, California. I received my B.A. from UC Berkeley in 1992. Over the past two decades, I have continued independent studies under mentors and artists Rose Shakinovsky and Claire Gavronsky (known collectively as Rosenclaire) in Italy and South Africa. Highlights from these studies include working alongside renowned Venda master wood carvers (such as Paul Thavanha and Thomas Kubayi) from the Limpopo region and visiting artist talks/visits by William Kentridge and Noria Mabasa. I have attended residencies at CanSerrat in Spain (full-stipend recipient) ; Banff Centre for the Arts in Canada; and the Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado (full-stipend recipient). Awards include the Banff Merit Scholarship and the Pamela Joseph Merit Fellowship for Minority Artists.

I am a first generation Chinese American who has a familial slant towards the creative, coming from a long line of educators and architects. However, I am the first to pursue a career in art. As someone who enjoys the small details of the everyday, doing art is a way for me to make those often times invisible moments visible. I am interested in the poetic intersection of the material and the immaterial -­‐ a transformative, and often humorous synthesis of confounded expectations. 

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I am interested in things that fall between the cracks of place and language. My work focuses on objects, actions and situations that are normally overlooked or marginalized. Using humble materials, such as rust, dead bees, beaten up paintbrushes or steel wool, my work investigates the possibilities in re-forming beauty and value.  Play and chance are integral parts of my process; they're a way for me to put aside preconceived ideas about the materials so I can freely explore their inherent qualities and investigate the essential meaning below the surface. The results are oftentimes unpredictable and quietly playful, taking form in drawings, paintings, sculpture, photography and video.